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HGDR Phase 2:  Going Deeper: takes the ideas from Core Foundations deeper into the more obscure experience of infancy and early childhood in ways that utilize information storage systems and brainwaves active during those stages of development.  We cover past life regression using subspace communication, and addresses the first 2 of the body syndromes, commonly called "The Crying Syndrome" and the program usage that corresponds to it all.  The purpose of this course is to understand the information storage systems at work during the infancy stage of development and to assess the impact non-verbal learning may havehad on the life script of the adult, cultivate and store the energy of a client's "earned trust" on the matrix for a program of conditioning and to understand how to guide this process responsibly, understand varying opinions of time and how the "now" is always present during the processing of "past" lives, understand the impact past lives may have had on the spiritual body and life trends, use subspace communication to create potentials for positive change in the present time, understand "The Crying Syndrome" and how these issues may indicate underlying unresolved emotional stress, understand all of this in light of how the subconscious stores information concerning abundance and success and how to use the EPFX to support your growth in this area.  

The Course Curriculum is as follows, integrated with hands on panel-specific program usage: Closeup on The Theory of Mind in terms of a.) Infancy and the "Life Script" Impact , and "Automony" from Early Childhood, b.) Body Syndromes  c.) Some Emotional and Experiential Associations that may be Active with Hyper-reactant ALR signatures, Brain Theory: a.) The "Reptilian" Brain, b.) The Limbic System, c.) The Neocortex, Intermediate Brainwave Program Usage, Adding Kinesthetic "Earned Trust" to the matrix, Homeopathic Activation Panel, Body Syndrome #1 and 2: the "Crying Syndrome", Filtering Unconscious Reactivity with "Crying Syndrome" Searches, General  Mind/ Body Reactivity Search Techniques, Sample "Crying Syndrome" Expressions:  a.) Allergies/Sinus Pain & Stress, b.) Non Medical Headache Pain & Stress, Conditioning the Instincts with Earned Trust, Infancy & Trust vs. Mistrust: A Multi-Session Approach: General Self Improvement, Past Life Regression Techniques using Subspace Communication, and Success and Abundance Part 1:  Miasms.

Human Growth Development and Recovery 2 - Going Deeper: $495.00